Dash before being weaned with dam, Bonny.


This beautiful gelding is the result of breeding Bonny to Diamant, formerly of Charlot Farms in Stratford. Dash showed at the Royal as a three year old under Roy and Sue Fish of Twinholm Stable and was in the top ten in both the Governor’s Cup and the Lieutenant Governor General’s Cup classes. He is Vicki’s riding horse and is an example of what Affluent Farms has striven to produce.

Dash is such a beautiful temperament that I can get on him bareback and just ride him around with a halter and two lead ropes (he is an English horse so doesn’t neck rein) that allow him to respond easily to my “direct rein” (on his nose), body and leg aids. I am hoping with this mild weather that I will begin training with him to tackle a couple of dressage tests this spring with the Perth-Huron English and Western Dressage Group. The show will be at the REACH Huron Center on March 29th of this year. Wish I had an indoor riding facility. The REACH Center’s is wonderful and we are so grateful to have it in our area!
I took this photo of Dash and me on Canada Day, 2017. His full brother was Dilemma, on the Alumni page.